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The weather is warming up, which means itís time to get outdoors and enjoy the longer days. But the warmer weather is more than an excuse to get back into nature; itís also an opportunity to change the way we eat. Making healthier food choices is a resolution for many people, and one of the best ways to get better quality food and give back to your community is to purchase farm fresh fruits and vegetables near Toronto. Here are five reasons for buying fruits and vegetables from a local farm fresh food supplier near Toronto.


Much of the produce you find at your local grocery store in Ontario is imported, which means it has likely been treated and carefully packaged to keep it as fresh as possible as it travels from its origin to your local store. Since it takes days to weeks before these imported fruits and vegetables to arrive at your store, the quality often is not as high as that of local food. As well, if those long-distance foods have been heavily treated, you may need to wash more carefully than for locally produced foods.

When you buy your produce from a local farmer, you get to harvest it from its source yourself, or choose food that was harvested that morning. This means you get the best-quality food that lasts longer if stored properly. You can even hand-prepare the fruits and vegetables and freeze them to cook months later.


If youíve ever purchased a package of strawberries or a bunch of vegetables at your local grocery store, chances are youíve thrown away pieces that were either damaged or starting to go bad once youíve gotten home. It is disappointing and a waste of money to have to throw away food that you paid for, but this can be an unfortunate reality of shopping at some grocery stores.

When you visit a pick-your-own farm near Toronto, you can pick each individual fruit or vegetable yourself. You have full control of what you buy and can avoid mouldy, squishy, and under/overripe fruits and vegetables. You can also save money by not having to pay the additional costs of someone else picking, packaging, shipping, and shelving your fruits and vegetables. Plus, at a pick your own farm, you can buy your produce in greater bulk, which is more affordable than buying smaller quantities when you need them.


When you purchase your food directly from a farmer, you help support their business. Most of the food in North America is imported or grown by large corporations. Although this provides enough food for the country, it can be challenging for smaller local farms to compete with huge corporations.

When you buy from a local farm, you support the livelihood of the people who work hard to feed their community. By getting on your hands and knees to pick produce at a pick-your-own strawberry or vegetable farm in the GTA, you can better appreciate the amount of work involved in planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting the food. When you consider how much work goes into it, you realize the value of what you buy. Which brings us to our next point.


In our modern, developed province, picking our own food and hunting are not common practices for the average person. However, when you go strawberry or vegetable picking, you can reconnect with the earth in a very natural way. You get the opportunity to explore and appreciate nature and it can feel quite therapeutic to get your hands in the dirt and take in the natural sounds and smells, including the sweet aroma of berries filling the air. You can pause out in the fields, admire the scenery, enjoy the quiet of the countryside, and breathe in the fresh air.

Picking your own fruit from a farm near Toronto is also a great teaching opportunity for parents with young children. Bringing kids along provides them the opportunity to see where their food comes from. They can learn how to choose the best produce and how to tell when it is ripe, and also learn what kinds of little critters enjoy living among the plants. The appreciation for nature can be taken to an educational level and is fun for the whole family.


Many people today grew up with parents or grandparents that had their own gardens in their backyards. Continuing a similar activity at a local pick-your-own vegetables and fruits farm can become a cherished family tradition quality time with your family and friends. You can catch up on life together, enjoy the fresh air, and reconnect on a warm spring or summer day.


If youíre looking for a local place to buy your produce, visit the beautiful fields of†Robintide Farms! We are a family-owned farm, and for over 50 years we have provided farm-fresh food and agricultural products to our customers in Brampton, Markham, Toronto, Vaughan, King and the surrounding areas.

At our farm you can pick your own strawberries and raspberries, as well as vegetables, such as green beans, green peas, snow peas, tomatoes, beets, kale, swiss chard and potatoes each summer. Along with our farm-fresh produce, we also provide horse boarding services all year-round.

Robintide Farms is the perfect place to take your family any day of the week to show them where their food comes from, how it is produced, and what its benefits are. If you are looking to improve your quality of life through your food, then come and pick your own fruits and vegetables at our farm in the GTA. Youíll love spending time in nature and getting in touch with the earth!

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