strawberry storage

The end of strawberry picking season is fast approaching, so you have limited time to enjoy the fresh sweet taste of ripe berries. However, if youíve stocked up on pick-your-own strawberries, youíre probably looking for ways to make them last longer so that you can enjoy them in different recipes. Here are some important tips for how to store and freeze fresh strawberries!


After you go†strawberry picking in Toronto†or Vaughan, you can store the fruit in the fridge for up to three to five days. If you choose to freeze the berries, they can last for about two months. When you pick your strawberries, pick them with some of the stem still attached. If you donít plan to eat them right away, place them in the fridge. Line a shallow bowl or rimmed plate with a few layers of paper towel and place the strawberries on top. By storing them this way, they will stay fresh for a few days until youíre ready to wash and eat them. The paper towel will keep them dry, so they donít soak up moisture and get mushy.


If you are planning to freeze the berries and eat them at a later date in a recipe, wash them and allow them to drain for a few minutes in a colander. Slice off the green stems and leaves, and then hull/core the berries. If you have small strawberries, leave them whole, but slice larger ones into halves or quarters. Spread out the berries on a large baking sheet or plate and put them in the freezer for two hours. This keeps the berries separate so they donít stick together while getting frozen. After this time, you can transfer the strawberries into freezer bags or containers. Be sure to label and date the container, so you know how long you can use them.


Now that the summer is coming to end, strawberry season has ended too. But if you were lucky enough to visit our pick-your-own strawberry farm in the GTA, the abovementioned storage tips will probably come in handy!

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