Pick-Your-Own Raspberries in Toronto

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Raspberries—one of nature’s true wonders! Is there a more powerful combination of colour, sweetness, texture, and flavour than fresh raspberries? We don’t think so! Here’s what you need to know about picking your own raspberries in Toronto, and why our raspberry farm in the GTA is the perfect place to take your family this summer!

Raspberry Varieties Available at Robintide Farms

Robintide Farms grows fresh Boyne and Nova raspberry varietals for harvest each July, just as the Robintide strawberries harvest is winding down. Our raspberry stalks start out in the highest-quality nursery beds and are carefully transplanted to our fields after the frost leaves the ground. Although we sneak away with a few berries in the first year of growth, a full harvest of raspberries is not available until the second year after planting in our fields. If well-tended, however, these hardy plants can produce sweet, robust raspberries each year for up to 10 years. So it is well-worth the wait!

Fun Facts about Raspberries

  • They contain more Vitamin C than oranges
  • High in fibre, folic acid, potassium, Vitamin A, and calcium
  • The firm, plump berries are the juiciest and sweetest
  • They come in different colours: red, yellow, orange, purple, and black (the darker, the sweeter)
  • They’re easy to freeze to use for smoothies or to add to cereal
Pick Your Own Raspberries In Toronto

How to Pick the Right Raspberries

  • Raspberry bushes are a bit prickly, so some pickers like to wear lightweight gloves
  • Ripe berries are plump and have a soft yet firm feel—they should easily pull free from the plant with a slight tug
  • Only pick ripe berries as they will not continue to ripen after they are picked
  • If you need to hold the stem with one hand and pick the fruit with the other hand, the berry you are picking is not ripe enough
  • Avoid placing raspberries in the sun for too long—cool them as soon as you get home
  • Only wash the berries before you are ready to use them or freeze them
  • Store them in the refrigerator, but keep in mind that they only last a few days to a week

Pick-Your-Own Raspberry Farm in the GTA

Robintide Farms is the perfect family-owned farm in Vaughan to take your loved ones to this summer. For over 50 years, we have provided farm fresh food and other agricultural products, including pick your own farm fresh raspberries! From Brampton to Markham to Toronto and beyond, we are dedicated to offering fresh, healthy, and appetizing farm products to our customers in the GTA.

If you are looking for farm fresh, pick-your-own raspberries in Toronto, then visit our raspberry farm in Toronto or contact us for more info! Please also check our Robintide Farms Pick-Your-Own Dates and Hours for updates on season opening and current hours.