Enjoy pick-your-own strawberries, vegetables, flowers, pumpkins, and more at Robintide Farms! This unique outdoor experience is perfect for kids, families and friends. Make memories that will last a lifetime while enjoying the amazing local flavors of the season.

Pick-your-own Prices

Our fruits and vegetables are offered at competitive farm market prices that may vary in price throughout the season. Current 2023 prices for some of our farm market produce are provided below.

strawberry picking at robintide farms


Strawberries Prices with Robintide Farms Basket Included:

2L Robintide Farms Basket = $13.00

4L Robintide Farms Basket = $26.00

6L Robintide Farms Basket = $39.00

If you bring your own container Pick Your Own Strawberries = $6.40/L

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peas and pod vegetables at robintide

Peas (Green)

$3.39/ lb

Peas (Sugar Snap)

$3.39/ lb

robintide green beans

Beans (Green)

$3.39 / lb

Beans (Yellow)

$3.39 / lb

robintide farms farm market

Potatoes (White)

$2.19 / lb

Potatoes (Red)

$2.19 / lb

BONUS! We Give you Credit for Returning our Baskets: Bring back any clean, undamaged, plastic Robintide Farms baskets and receive store credit for use in our farm market as follows:

2L Robintide Farms Basket return = $0.75 farm market credit
3L Robintide Farms Basket return = $1.00 farm market credit
4L Robintide Farms Basket return = $1.25 farm market credit
6L Robintide Farms Basket return = $1.75 farm market credit
Note: 3L Robintide Farms baskets are currently available only through pre-picked purchases in our farm market.

DOs and DO NOTs for Pick-Your-Own

• DO have fun!
• DO closely supervise children at all times.
• DO use only Robintide Farms baskets (now included in price) or other solid containers with full volumes marked in liters.
•  DO NOT bring large bags to the field – they are not permitted.
• DO pick only the fully red strawberries.
• DO pick vegetables into the provided biodegradable bags
• DO NOT snack on produce.
• DO follow picking instructions provided by our staff.
• DO NOT run in the fields or damage plants.
• DO NOT bring your pets – they are not permitted at the farm.
• DO wear proper shoes, bring water, sunscreen and a hat.
• DO NOT enter the fields less than 30 min before closing time.
• DO NOT smoke anywhere on the property.
• DO observe any current COVID 19 Protocols