Ontario strawberries are at their fresh and juicy peak from mid-June to late July. At Robintide Farms we currently have more than 25 acres of strawberries in 9 varieties. Whether you like to pick-your-own or prefer your strawberries picked-for-you you’ll taste the difference of local, farm fresh strawberries!


Whether you like to pick your own or prefer your strawberries picked for you, you’ll taste the difference of local, farm fresh strawberries!

Strawberry Season Update

Our strawberries are finished for the season. The plants are storing up in their roots and getting ready for a long rest!


Day Time
Monday CLOSED (Except Holidays)
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm
Holidays 10:00am – 5:00pm

*Last entrance to the field is 30 min before closing.

strawberries at robintide
strawberry picking basket robintide farms

2L Robintide Farms Basket

4L Robintide Farms Basket

6L Robintide Farms Basket

Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Prices

NEW! Volume-based Pricing:

To serve our customers better (shorter lines!), our strawberries pricing is now by volume of the basket used.

How it works:

• Baskets: You may choose from our selection of Robintide Farms reusable baskets (2L, 4L or 6L) OR You may bring your own clean baskets, provided they clearly indicate a verified basket volume in litres or quarts (baskets not clearly marked with a verified volume cannot be used).
• Pay in Advance: Whatever baskets you use, you pay in advance for the strawberries based on the volume of each basket.
• Minimum per individual: We have a minimum picking volume of 1L per individual (except those age 3 yrs. or under) for entry into our strawberries fields (e.g., minimum for a couple is 2L).

Strawberries Prices with Robintide Farms Basket Included:

2L Robintide Farms Basket = $13.00

4L Robintide Farms Basket = $26.00

6L Robintide Farms Basket = $39.00

If you bring your own container Pick Your Own Strawberries = $6.40/L

BONUS! We Give you Credit for Returning our Baskets:

Bring back any clean, undamaged, plastic Robintide Farms baskets and receive store credit for use in our farm market as follows:

2L Robintide Farms Basket return = $0.75 farm market credit

3L Robintide Farms Basket return = $1.00 farm market credit

4L Robintide Farms Basket return = $1.25 farm market credit

6L Robintide Farms Basket return = $1.75 farm market credit

Note: 3L Robintide Farms baskets are currently available only through pre-picked purchases in our farm market.

Picked-For-You Strawberries:

$7.65/ 1 quart

$21.95/ 3L basket

DOs and DO NOTs for Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

• DO have fun!
• DO observe any current COVID 19 Protocols
• DO closely supervise children at all times.
• DO use only Robintide Farms baskets (now included in price) or other solid containers with full volumes marked in liters.
• DO NOT bring large bags to the field – they are not permitted
• DO NOT snack on produce.
• DO pick only the fully red strawberries.
• DO stay in the row assigned to you and DO NOT run in the fields.
• DO NOT bring your pets – they are not permitted at the farm.
• DO wear proper shoes, bring water, sunscreen and a hat.
• DO NOT enter the fields less than 30 min before closing time.
• DO NOT smoke anywhere on the property.

Strawberry Varieties

Robintide Farms is excited to be offering the following varieties of strawberries during our 2023 season!

Honeoye – Large, bright red and glossy, very firm
Brunswick – Large. Attractive and uniform in colour
Cavendish – Large, bright red, firm, excellent flavour
Cabot – Very large, firm, juicy
Jewel – Large, bright red, moderately firm, excellent flavour, freezes well
Mira – Large, bright red, fresh flavour
Valley Sunset – Large, excellent flavour
Malwina – Very good size, firm, deep red colour, good flavour

Ready to pick-your-own? We’ll see you at the farm!

At Robintide Farms we offer pick-your-own and picked-for-you strawberries, flowers and vegetables.